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December 05, 2009


WOW Emily.
A powerful and inspiring story.
Keep running!

I'm impressed that something completely unrelated to running gave "focus and purpose" to your scratched-off dream. It made me ask myself how can I channel difficult emotions to support and enhance my dreams. What have my children enabled me to do that I wouldn't have had the courage to complete before? (Because if there's anyone I would do hard things for, it's my kids.) A beautiful story, Emily.

Such an inspiring story. Congrats on your marathon...what a huge accomplishment. Mermaid is blessed to have such a strong mother.
I love that there were so many aspects to your training and going for your dream that saw you through such a hard time. Thanks so much for sharing this, Emily.

I knew the story but the pieces had never fit together so nicely in my mind. Thank you for sharing it. I've always been inspired by you--I honestly think it's half the reason we moved back down the hall.

I'm at a point now where I'm incredibly challenged professionally, and I need the personal and physical release for myself. I chased down my dream of starting a school, but in the midst of it, I think I lost myself. And she has to be found, for myself, my family and my school. I've known something has to give for a while now. Thanks for giving me the added inspiration.

you write beautifully emily! as if each included word was inspired. i don't have any comparable experiences; most of my life has been less about reaching a set goal or end-point and more about keeping on keeping on. but there have been milestones. and i'm going to go read the other articles linked to to see if there are things i haven't realized about myself that i'd glean from them. and then when i'm making my 2010 goals in the next few weeks, i'll be thinking about this. thank you for sharing this.

Jaime has just said something that hadn't occurred to me. We can lose our self if we only live through others. But Jaime seems to be saying that the reverse can also be true. If we become focused on executing against a dream, excluding all else, we are also at risk of getting lost. I want to think on this some more. Jaime thank you for sharing. You can do this!

very encouraging! So glad little Mermaid is smiling and you're running!

I just read this for a second time, and I don't feel like I have adequate words to comment about it. I will just say, I'm so glad you shared this. I remember reading Heather's marathon report and seeing your photos and being so proud of both of you, but there is so much more depth to that story and the lessons I can take from it after reading this.

I'll get back on track with my running schedule so I can keep up with you two the next time I'm down there. :)

Emily, what a beautiful, and inspiring post. I love vision of you and Heather running along the Hudson -- I can imagine there were many healing moments along the way. I also really like the idea of being able to break things down and just carry the load for that day. What powerful perspective. You are amazing, my friend!

Emily- great post (and I have to say I love Heather H- she is such a sweetheart and make great falafels!) As a child life specialist I can really appreciate the evolving diagnosis. What a great form of coping and honoring.

Emily (and Whitney), Thanks so much for a wonderful post. There's so much to be inspired by here--thanks for a great Monday morning read.

After a few weeks taking my son to a therapist for social issues the therapist told me she thought I was the problem. SO of course now I'm the one in therapy. My shrinks best advise was to start running again. 6:00 am I leave the kids snoring (DH is already gone to work)and hit the road. I LOVE IT and when I feel like I can't do it not only do I remind myself what I tell my kids - I can do hard things, but I think of how my relationship with my son is improving every day. He's my motivation. Thank you Emily!

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has responded. Thank you! Your comments have touched me.

I was speaking with Chrysula W. from Work.Life.Balance. regarding rewarding ourselves for our successes. I realized that running wasn't just a coping strategy, but it was also a cause for celebration. Celebrating our wins (at every level) is important. I don't need a medal every time I accomplish something important to me. But I need to take notice and give myself a pat on the back, time to read or paint my toenails. I hope you all will give yourselves a little time to treasure up whatever you are feeling good about right now and reward yourself. You are AMAZING!

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Chrysula,
What you are doing is very exciting. I may write you a blog myself.
Love you

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