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December 16, 2009


I appreciate receiving annual Christmas (or holiday, if you prefer) updates, and I believe it is important to send them as well. However, I rarely manage to get them out BEFORE Christmas. It has become a running joke with our circle of friends that we will send out New Year's, Valentine's, Easter, and on occasion Independence Day cards. The point is that we care enough to communicate, even if the mode and timing are not perfect. I love pictures, but I also love information. A photo rarely tells me as much as text.

I love reading the annual Christmas "year in review" letters I get around this time of year. I like photos too, but if I had to choose, I would go for the text. It doesn't bother me if there is no personal note and what I am getting is a mass-produced photocopy. I just love catching up with what's going on in people's lives and the highlights of their year. I send out a letter each year too, although it usually isn't send until a little after Christmas.

I just emailed Rebecca Menzie this morning that her card is my favorite I've received so far! I love Christmas cards!

For years I sent out New Years cards. I would work on them New Years Day, when all the world stops for a minute and I can sit and write personal notes. It has been a fun tradition. I actually enjoy writing the cards because I am not rushed.We usually send a photo card to keep it personal and efficient and write a note on the back.

For business we send a Newsletter. Time is short this time of year to write a personal note and most of our clients appreciate us not using paper. (think save a tree)
We write a personal thank you note with every order we send out throughout the year to our clients.

I feel strongly about the tradition of communicating via the Christmas card each year. This year we're going to do a post-holiday attempt, because I can't bring myself to do it without our college son around.

One Christmas card I received this year indicated that the writers would not join facebook or else their Christmas letters would become irrelevant. Friends and acquaintances would already know what they were up to. Interesting.

Thank heavens for Macy for making it so easy for us to get a Christmas card out this year! She took the family portrait of our family (the Menzies) in the above card. I have been busy with some personalized gifts and wouldn't have had time to design, print, and assemble cards on my own.
I love Christmas cards & the only time I wondered what a friend was thinking with their card was when in the family letter she described in way too much detail her labor and delivery story that took place that year. TMI
My absolute favorite Christmas cards are the ones that were obviously thoughtfully created; whether in choosing the photo location, the layout, the content, and/or the design. Thoughtful can be simple or more elaborate.
I hope that things like FB and family blogs don't eliminate Christmas cards....I love the tradition.

i've sent out pdf's of christmas letters occasionally when i want to reach more people or just haven't had the time. even when i've had the time i never get around to the actual cards. i have every intention too!

We send out a Christmas movie every year. They capture a bit of our year, and are always a bit goofy but give us a creative outlet and people always enjoy them. It is nice to stay in touch. And we never take ourselves too seriously in the movies!
Here's the latest:

I like getting newsy letters from people at Christmas, and I don't care if there's a personal message, but I do sort of like getting even a short one. Still, I enjoy it either way.

To make my page of family news more palatable to loved ones, I rhyme it. They seem to get a little extra kick out of that.


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