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January 30, 2010


Hi Whitney,
you've got two "http://" in your link to the morning sickness post. I finally found it via search, but you might want to edit it for others ease of access.

In Madeline Albright's biography (fantastic, by the way!) she is talking about the drama of trying to get all of the men to the table to talk about Israeli-Palestinian relations and the frustration she felt over being so close to reconciliation but the temper-tantrums of the world leaders putting a monkey wrench in all of her careful plans. She said that if WOmen had acted such during a summit of similar ideas, everyone would have chalked up their inability to come together to menopause! (Which I read as hormones, PMS, etc.)

I guess what I'm saying is that if her name had been Warren Buffet, we probably wouldn't be in this predicament. Women as gracious and intelligent as Ms. Born, even in the face of overwhelming detractors, will always advance the cause of both women and humanity. I'm glad she's one of "us."

I'm guessing that you'll be having a face-to-face dialogue with Ms. Born in your future. Dare to dream!

Jenny --

I would love to speak with her which I don't know will happen. I did send a copy of the blog to Ms. Born and she graciously thanked me. I wanted to ask about an interview... but it didn't quite feel right. And I'm thinking that there's value in just formulating and asking the question.... because then we can teach ourselves.

Thanks for thinking that I would and/or could!


Science Teacher Mommy --

Ok -- I must read this autobiography of Madeline Albright. I'm assuming it's Madam Secretary.

Great example.


Thank you for introducing us to Ms Born. Great "wonderings".

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