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January 04, 2010


Atta girl, Whitney! Great interview. One of the best I've read that you've given.

It will be interesting to watch how the comments progress over there...

Great interview. I have had such a hard time finding encouraging women role models. I would love to read your take on how to deal with critics. That is my dream for 2010, to deal with critics gracefully and not take on their opinions as my own.

Nice interview, Whitney~
Fun to see you on Segullah.

two of my worlds colliding today. So cool!

Wow, there were some interesting discussions! Made me sad to read those who truly weren't capable of capturing your vision. My favorite part was where I experienced the realization that "...those of us who are mothers didn’t know how to do that either at first. After we dared to dive in, we began to figure it out." This was so true for me, so it gives me the hope to figure out my dream and live it.

I am visiting from segullah and I plan to return often :D

I'm popping over here from Segullah. I enjoyed your interview and am going to spend some time on your site today. Perfect time of year for it. :)

Your interview was lovely. I only put together today that you were LDS. :) It was Jenny that first sent me here, but just didn't add up all the pieces. For all that I enjoyed about the post, I think it is the "unnecessary cog" bit that is going to stay with me. What a lovely theme for a novel . . .

I'm super excited about this cross-pollination.

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