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January 16, 2010


A great reminder that our identity should always involve stretching - and dreaming. It's easy to forget that we each have potential and are not simply defined by what we do with the majority of our time.

Oh this is so fun! I'm so glad you will be updating us in a few months Kristy. I love sharing/learning other people's dreams. I guess that's why I love interviewing people. Good luck in this "dating season"!

Hey Kristy,

I'm a huge believer in living the dream everyday. I read your post with great interest and would like to propose an idea:

Mentoring inspiring and compassionate leaders.

Here's my logic:

a) You get to teach - sharing your competence, skills and experience with strong and motivated leaders/potential leaders;

b) You get to do business consulting - mentoring is an excellent way of generating consulting jobs - especially if you're good. (I've been doing it for nearly 2 decades). The great thing is with mentoring, you get to demonstrate your value in-situ.

c) You get to do writing - set up a blog to capture and share your ideas and intellectual property with the world. The pages of notes I get from my 3-4 one hour mentoring sessions per week provide me with endless material to write about. I'm no writer, but blogging has been a fun, challenging way of developing my skills in this area - and contributing something positive back.

d) Politics - hmm - well you could include up and coming politicians in your mentoring as a way of 'getting involved'. Maybe some pro-bono work to start with, helping graduates sharpen up their skill sets on the way to the 'Oval Office'!

e) Triathlon - well 4 out of 5 isn't bad. ;)

Just wanted to put this thought out there for you, Kristy.

All the very best, Robin :)

Kristy this article was so enjoyable to read, 1 it made me want to set my own dreams to accomplish and 2 it was fun to see what your dreams were. Thanks for that post for inspiring me to set good goals.

depending on the kind of writing you're interested in, there are a lots of group blogs that have "permas"...people who are authorized to post whenever they wish. they exist on all subjects, so perhaps if you follow any blogs that interest you, you could submit guest posts (as you did here) and eventually become a perma on it. that would be a nice, low-stress way of writing, with a built in audience (depending on the blog, readership can be in the hundreds or the thousands-a-day) and allow you to express that side of you.

just a thought. great post!

Thank you for your suggestions and encouragement! Hearing you cheer Kristy on makes me just so happy!

Krisy - just wanted to wish you luck. MOPS international accepts items for submission - their website has details on how to submit. You can find writer's guidelines here:

Attachment Parenting International welcomes submissions for their online journal, blog, and newsletter. Info can be found here:

Good luck!

I have no affiliation with MOPS and am simply a member of API, but I have started spreading my writing wings as well, due in part to Whitney's affirmation, and wanted to share what I have found so far.

The best place for freelance projects is freelancing sites. Freelancing sites are the best option for part time home based business and freelance jobs. There are many types of work available at freelancing sites

Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement! The ideas you've shared are very helpful.

Robin - I like the idea of mentoring. I haven't thought of it before, but certainly something I want to look into now.

Blue & Stephanie - thanks for the tips on where I can share my writing. Now I just need to start thinking about topics!

I look forward to digging into these dream ideas and updating you all this summer.

I think I spent years dating my dreams without even realizing it! Now I know what I want. I'm working on summoning the courage required to follow my heart.

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