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February 12, 2010


This post reads like poetry. Thank you for sharing a peak at the gentle mother nature you bring to the private moments with your kids. You are inspiring!

Not a writer? I think perhaps you are. I write (very sporadically) in my children's journals for the same reason--someday I will want to remember, and they will want to know that I cared enough to record the funny and quasi-tragic moments of their young lives.

I wish I wrote more. That summed up exactly how I feel about looking back on my job as a mother. You are a great writer now, the world needs to know how wonderful it is to be a mother. Your children are blessed.

Your writing paints a picture. These could be made into books with illustration. I think you capture emotion much like "love you forever".

You will love to look back on these. I just became an empty-neater and I find myself trying to remember when.

Beautiful post. Thank you.

Make that empty-nester. Not "neater", though it is another "neat" part of life.

As I read your two pieces I became so nostalgic, wistful even. My children are now 13 and 9 -- and I have glimpses of the slipping, of their growing up. I am thrilled for them, but there is a stage that is passing. Ah that wonderful humming in a 'baby-coo' sort of way.

What a joy to read! Makes me want to take note of life right now with my kids because life changes so fast. Today is precious.

I agree with one of the previous comments....this could be content for children's books.

Beautiful posts and I love the way they sit side by side. Keep writing! You're not only blessing our lives, but your children WILL LOVE IT.

Thank you everyone for your generous comments. I am both humbled and motivated. I am eager to write more and perchance dream....

Thank you Whitney for the opportunity and encouragement!

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