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February 09, 2010


I've loved all the stories you've done so far Neylan. It's been really rewarding to read tales of such different types of Mormons. Thanks for creating such a cool site.

Amazing! Yes this resonates with me. Why? I am mormon. I am woman. And I am proud. Would love to see this project develop video and music. Would love to see a million faces in video.

Wow, wow, wow! I just love this! I can't wait to explore the website. Thanks for posting this, Whitney. And Neylan, thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful thing.

Ditto to Macy's comment. What a great post! Neylan, best of luck in this daunting project. I've met amazing women, Whitney included, and know the world is a much better place because of their contributions.

It's a convergence of all things Mormon Women's Project in my life this week. Discovering Myrna's interview, a woman I adore and admire; adding the project to my blog roll - the first official statement on my site that I am LDS; and then just a couple of days ago being invited to be interviewed myself. And now this inspiring post which contextualizes and expresses so many things that have been on my mind for a very long time. Thank you Neylan and Whitney.

I've really enjoyed reading the interviews on your site Neylan. Thanks for your time and commitment to this very interesting project!

You are popping up all over the place Neylan! It's great to see you getting traction. I'm excited about this project.

"How did I become friends with a freaking Mormon?"
One of my best friends (since 1981)is a Mormon and people will often ask me the same question. At times I find this to be insulting to both of us and sometimes feel sorry for them. I don't see this very mutlti talented woman who blogs and writes every where as a Mormon. I see a woman who is accepting of herself and wonderfully patient with me and others. I know that being a Mormon has given her courage to believe in herself, even though we have alway thought of her a special and gifted.
People who judge others due to their religion are missing out on some wonder and life changing friendships and you know that becomes their loss.
I miss not be able to chat to my great mate on a regular basis but I feel I am still in her life and in touch with her due to her being able to as she says "find her voice". I enjoy reading all of the posts and redirections to other blogs/websites and want to say thank you.

I'm loving reading the profiles on the Mormon Women Project. Thank you for doing this, Neylan. It is very edifying.

Thanks to Whitney also, for once again opening our eyes to more of the wonderful.

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