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March 07, 2010


You are too kind Donna! I am more than happy to be a "cheerleader" for such an amazing product, and the amazing women who are responsible for it :) Nurturing is something that is actually quite rare in the Army community, where the motto is "suck it up and drive on." You and Heather's support makes my life better every day!

Great story. I think looking around yourself for resources is a great piece of advice. Not just monetary, either.

I also think it is so important to look around for different options when starting your business. I needed printing done and would have probably just had it done at Office Depot or something had I not looked around. One of my friends knew someone who did printing at the local university. They gave me a great deal. And then they sent me to a guy who does very large projects, but took me on because he liked what I was doing. Now he prints everything for free. And free is considerably cheaper than I would have been paying at Office Depot.

Don't settle for what you assume to be the case.

Dear Heather and Donna

This came at just the right time for me from friend who sent it to another friend - and so forth.

I'm a fledgeling candle maker and was out in the garage struggling with the wicks, the wax, keeping the dog out so he doesn't get hot wax on him, hanging out the laundry etc. while I conducts some research and development - that sounds so grand :). I'm in the 'waiting for the candles to cool' phase and happened to check facebook where your link had been posted.

I was feeling a bit ho hum about the whole thing, and your tips have lifted my spirits and inspired me. I've just finished a small starting your own small business workshop and now, with your encourageing and insightful words, am ready to go on. One step at a time it may be, but I am moving forward, and I am not in debt. I have two great mentors who believe in me and my products (both who know how computers work - I'm a bit vague on that) and they prod me when I need it.

Thank you for sharing this information - it's picked me up and helped me see that taking it slowly is ok - I don't have to conquer the world today!

Kind regards
(Sydney, Australia)

Loved the fact that they began again with even more belief in their dreams because their dream now has a purpose .

Christal, You're amazing. We are so thankful for you! Cheering for you too!

Matt, I love that you are thinking ahead and looking for resources that might be available. I find bartering trades has been helpful too. Do you have something to give someone that might be helpful & they can give back their gift/trade to you?

Sandy, I love it! Isn't that what it is all about? Encouraging each other. We wish you the best in your business. Enjoy the freedom that comes with owning your own business. And thank you for reminding me that the little daily things we do matter, we don't have to take on the world. Nurture one mom at a time! That is huge!

Amy Jo- Thank you for stopping by and seeing that our dream has a purpose!

xoxo ~Donna

Heather & Donna, you are a marvel- your product is amazing and your purpose inspiring!

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