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March 10, 2010


What beautiful thoughts, Krista. Overbooking life is plain stressful to me. What a great reminder to carefully choose what to include in my minutes, days, weeks & life. Thanks for sharing!

How cool to open my email and see your name Krista! It's a smaller and smaller world than Disney ever imagined :-)

I'm so glad Mark and you are doing well. Would be so fun to get our girls together again...not that they know each other but I suspect they'd get along famously. Thanks for the great post!

Krista this was beautifully written. And I love this idea of slowing down. I used to think I would become invisible if I stepped aside and didn't have my fingers in a gazillion projects. Taking a sabbitical from all those demands taught me something really important. Most of it was just clutter. Most of it really didn't amount to a hill of beans. I choose more carefully now what will merit my time and attention. And I try to be more mindful of right now.

The beauty behind this story is that Krista truly has become a better person in her efforts to slow down and appreciate the very "next ten minutes of life." Krista, you have penned this so perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully share your bits of wisdom and experience. We are all better for it. I LOVE YOU! Your "Nacho Average!"

This principle of slowing down is a hard one for me to grasp. In these past few weeks, I've had to force myself to slow down to the extent that I can, just to survive. I appreciate being able to see the beauty of living in the moment, instead of always looking ahead to the next one. I'm not sure why this is so hard for me, but when I'm thoughtful enough to make it happen, it is delicious to me.

Beautiful post Krista, thanks for sharing with us.

Now that I no longer have little children at home, with all the demands on my time that that entailed, I love holding and rocking my grandbabies. This action is very grounding and helps me see life more clearly.

"I think of more possibilities because I have time to dream."

Wow. That is profound, Krista. Opening more time opens, well...more. I am going to think about this all week.

"SLOW DOWN" has been my mantra this year but it is hard! One thing that did help was, I made a new family rule that there will be no extra curricular activities for any child until they are 8 yrs old. That way I get to spend more time with them, and it also lessens the driving load. I loved everything you had to say Krista and I've enjoyed all of the comments too!

Hey Krista,
I thought I was your BFF! You know I'm teasing. I loved reading the blog. It was inspirational and from the heart. I think if I could really slow down and grasp the concept of living in the moment (and enjoying it) then it would be 'the best day of my life!' You are amazing Krista Sue. Love you like a sis.

BEautifully written. Unwanted curve balls from life do cause us to readjust our priorities, always in a more positive way. One of the blessings of going through trials.


This was so good -- I have tears in my eyes!! Your're the best.


The hardest part for me in slowing down is not stopping. Sometimes I feel like I have a switch that has only two stations....on and off. If I slow down I stop completely. If I'm on, I'm running ragged. Great counsel by Krista, but difficult to implement.....a work in progress I guess.

Krista: This was a beautiful post. I loved how you tied everything together.

If we stop and ponder the many challenges we've been through in our life, we can truly see that "all things work together for our good". Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to slow down.

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