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March 02, 2010


I just tweeted this morning..."Our goal in life is not to change our children...our children are here to change us!"

I, too, have sat on the other side of the MRI machine, hoping for good news, while my then 7 yr. old held my hand for dear life. When the technician stated, "We're putting in the dye, now," he began frantically squeezing my hand in the three short squeeze pattern that meant "I LOVE YOU"...I squeezed back, but couldn't match his fervor. When he came out of the machine, his tear streaked cheeks told another story. He thought the "dye" would make him "die".

Count me in for "I Love Lucy"!!!

I'm in. Lucy is a little angel. I hope progress in treatment for her comes quickly!

I've fallen in love with this project and with Lucy! I want to do anything I can to help!!

Such a great post. I love Shawni's blog, and it was so great to read more about Lucy.

I have posted the "I Love Lucy Project" button on my new blog. I would do anything to help! Shawni Pothier is so amazing and truly inspirational and who could not love those amazing blue eyes and chubby cheeks of Lucy? She is in our prayers.

Done! (I love looking at cute pictures of girls ;-) Great thing you've done, cyber friend, keep up the great finds. Being a part of something bigger than myself is inspirational, as well for you I'm sure.
See you Sunday.

Shawnie, I've have these same feelings for my little heart on feet with down syndrome, also a feisty fifth child!

I have posted the I Love Lucy Project on my blog. Many of the mothers here have commented how new dreams have opened while initial ones closed. And for those mothers whose children are in jail, drugged or living on the margins of society I hope that they find new dreams too.

I became a fan of I love Lucy project! Little Lucy melts my heart!

I just love this family! I became a fan of I love Lucy on facebook.

I hope I can find ways to help. I posted the button on my blog.

Became a fan. Lucy is adorable! How blessed you are.

Every time I am introduced to another member of this family, I feel blessed by the connection.

Whitney, in answer to your Facebook question - yes this is definitely a hero's journey (I'm sure you knew that anyway).

I've joined the Facebook group and should ask Shawnie to look at the five steps and write about them...

I think it's interesting that no one has responded to your question about a dream dying. This outcome may be a result of no one's dreams dying (yay!) or that some of our dreams have died, but nothing has replaced them (boo!). I fall under the latter category.

I think the challenge of a dream dying or even a dream no longer being applicable/productive to the course of our lives is bringing oneself "out of the ashes." We give our hearts to these dreams in the same way we would to a romantic relationship, and in the end, may be heartbroken. Putting those pieces together in a new way can be hard work, indeed, when we wonder if our heart is even in it.

What I find beautiful about Shawni's experience is that she's not let the heart out of dreaming - it's still the driving force, only it looks a little different on the outside.

Thanks for reminding us in such powerful way, that "it is through our struggles we grow the most". Just a couple of days ago the 3rd verse of the hymn "Nearer My God To Thee" jumped out at me in a way I had not previously noticed: "There let the way appear, steps unto heaven, all that thou sendest me, in mercy giv'n".

I pray for your family and for this project. I have become a fan on Facebook.

Posted Lucy's button on my blog. I would Loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveee to have lunch with the Eyres. I love their ideas! Glad to support this!!

I added as well, thanks for the post; it was moving.

I have had my button on my blog for a few months. This post brought tears to my eyes. It was very moving and it needs to be shared with others.

I have been a "I Love Lucy" fan on Facebook since day one and have had her button on my blog too.

I have posted a post about Lucy on my blog:

I think Shawni is such an inspiration. She had made me want to be a better mom.

What a beautiful little girl! It appears that Shawni has done something wonderful to deserve her.

Wendy, your comment made my heart ache for your terrified little son (and you). I hate discovering after the fact that my children were frightened about something--it makes me feel useless.

And as far as dying dreams go, I suspect it's much the same--we don't identify with the dream going so much as the pain of realizing it's not going to happen. Perhaps they've not been identified? Or perhaps a dream never really dies; it just grows a different direction. I'm not sure.

I chose to be a fan of Lucy on FB, since I am blogless. Thank you for this post!

Wow, how moving & isn't Lucy Lucky to have such an Amazing Woman for her Mother who is willing to fight for her daughter! I of course grabbed her button, my 1st & only on my BLOG! I became a Fan & will be praying for this Precious Child!!
Health is such a precious gift, let's protect & cherish it!

I became a fan on facebook - what a moving story.

I'm a fan now too, and I sent it to everyone I know! Hopefully it'll spread like fire!

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