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March 02, 2010


Who couldn't fall in love with that darling little angel! I would love to help!

I posted and became a fan. What an amazing little girl, family and Mom. Praying for their family!

I have only recently found Shawni's blog -- and loved reading it. What a vision and, at the same time, what a happy family doing their best to make their way.

Huge applause and cheers for the I Love Lucy dream!

Button on blog & face book fan ...done. We can all work together to get this going! Moms unite!

I would hope someone would do something like this for me if I were in the same situation. I started following Shawni's blog after I read her book, "A Mother's Book of Secret's." What an inspiring book and what an inspiring mother/daughter duo.

Some of the "big dreams" I had 10 years ago, have been replaced by other dreams given to me by Someone who sees the "big picture" better than I do. My dreams no longer include a bright lit stage and a microphone but include raising great kids, and instilling in each of them a love for the world around them and an understanding of who they are and who they can become. Sure, I still have little dreams like running a marathon and seeing more of the world but, those "big picture dreams" are the ones I hope to make sure come true.

I put the button on my blog. :)

And am a facebook fan too!

Great post...and sweet little girl. In response to the dream dying, it's hard, isn't it? We have all of these "plans", these things that were supposed to happen. My husband was diagnosed with an incurable yet treatable disorder that has changed our life. It seemed so unfair that it happened to a kind & generous person - it seemed so unfair when our dreams were just pretty ordinary - really just regular life stuff. And people around us... their lives went on as normal. It has been a journey, for awhile hope and even faith waned. But we are carrying on. New dreams begin, hope emerges in a different way. The dreams don't die, they are just altered. Praying for long lasting strength to support you and your family.

I'm a fan and I posted the button on my blog. She is adorable and deserves a great life!

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