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April 03, 2010


Vitamin D has also been shown to have a relationship with several studies. One report I read included a large-scale study where half the employees in a hospital were put on Vit D and half weren't. After the hospital admitted some people with H1N1, they tested all the employees, and ALL of them tested positive for the H1N1 virus, but NONE of those on the Vit D regime ever developed symptoms of it, whilst a statistically significant percent of those not on Vitamin D did succumb to the illness.

Super-High doses of Vit D are used by specialists treating patients with autoimune diseases (Lupas, etc). The doctor I heard speak, who works with auto immune patients, said it's pretty hard to get too much Vit D. He recommended taking 2000 IUs a day for healthy adults, 1000 IUs for kids. My son won't swallow pills yet, so I found a gummy Vitamin D that he is fine eating. You can get generic capsules at the grocery store and for less than $25 a year you'll be boosting your immune system's abilities, and might just feel better generally while you're at it.

Seems like this is the Vitamin du jour. I don't think doctors used to test it. Both my husband and I are low and have been taking supplements, but I haven't noticed a change yet. I'll keep taking them :)

The chewable variety are the best, some pills are never digested. I'm glad it will perk you up a bit. New Englanders all need to be on vitamin D. I lived in TX for five years, and never worried. After being here close to two years, I've been taking D because my psoriasis, an autoimmune reaction, as begun to flare. Works!

Blue/Amy -- Interesting points about our immune system. And thanks for the advice on chewables. I may have my children start taking this too. As a person who has eschewed vitamins, I'm learning a lot.

Julia -- What's interesting about our low levels is that it seems to be one of the unintended consequences of worries of avoiding the sun in order to avoid cancer. I wonder if like so many things when we try to correct a problem, we over correct, and produce a whole new set of problems for ourselves. Thanks for weighing in!

I became a Vitamin D believer a few years ago when, despite a very lovely life, I just couldn't seem to get into second gear. It is best absorbed with fish oil supplements, and as mentioned by Blue, post menopause women and men>50 do better with 2000 iud. Thanks Whitney for sharing.

Readers Digest just had a compelling article suggesting that vitamin D is the most worthwhile suppliment. I should start taking it. Thanks for the reminder.

Hm . . . I was just told about my Vitamin D levels here too. Apparently the NW is a very difficult place to get sufficient levels naturally. Thanks for the reminder.

There may be a link between prostate cancer and vitamin D deficiency. Researchers theorize this is one reason men of African descent who live in northern climates have higher rates of prostate cancer than light-skinned men--it's difficult for darker skin to absorb sufficient vitamin D. However, the deficiency can affect all men, regardless of skin tone.

I take fermented cod liver oil, which is supposed to be the most absorbable form of Vitamin D, plus has lots os Omega-3s. I give it to my kids daily as well.

Thanks for adding to awareness with this. It's true that Vitamin D deficiency contributes to lower immunity and depression, but I don't believe it's true that you CAN'T get too much. If you're getting it from sun exposure, then no, your body will produce only what it needs. But it can actually be dangerous on the other side if you supplement artificially and go overboard. For people who do this as a specific therapy, they really should get their levels checked regularly.

And as just about everyone north of the equator is at a pretty good risk of being deficient, getting the RIGHT kind of sun exposure is best. Vitamin D needs UVB radiation which is highest in the early afternoon. 20-30 minutes at this time without sunscreen is a good regimen (and will not contribute to skin cancer).

Gee, I had never made a connection--thanks. Next time I have a physical I'm going to have mine checked.

My first sunburn of the season is already pealing and I feel great! I highly recommend the sunshine : ) It's my favorite way to get vitamin D-ream...

Sunshine, hope, dreaming! How wonderful that they go together!

I loved this. Fascinating!
I'm a believer.

And that photo is GORGEOUS.

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