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May 09, 2010


Congrats on getting that baby! It's a beautiful analogy. Adding in that people are always there to help us up the hill and, if we turn and help those below us get up the hill our journey not only seems easier, but we'll get there faster.

I love Mary Chapin Carpenter, that's all I can say!

Ha, I feel like this all the time! I feel like I am pushing a giant boulder up a hill. I've done it enough to know that something will give way as I keep pushing. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful photos.

We waited 17 years to have our third baby and he arrived with his dad and teenage/adult brother and sister right there. Our youngest is now 11 and he has a close and loving relationship with his adult siblings and his nieces (he became an uncle at 4).

I learned a lot in the waiting ... I thought I'd gotten to the top of the hill with his arrival, but have come to realise that there are many more mountains that I still want to climb.

Blessings to you, your family and this new spirit.

Such wonderful thoughts. Congratulations on your pregnancy and the best of wishes for your book!

I often thought of it for my own life as 'stoplights.' I felt like I was racing to the stoplights (certain objectives, such as college, marriage, home, family) and then was forced to wait. Then I'd race to the next stoplight and wait. I'm learning not to race to the next objective, but to fully experience the journey as I travel from one place (in life) to the next. I say 'learning,' because I consciously need to remind myself to enjoy the journey and focus on the present moment.

I listened to the same segment on the Diane Rehm show! While I am not a Chapin-Carpenter fan, her descriptions of the meanings behind her songs real stuck with me. I especially enjoyed the song called called "Zephyr" that says something like, ’Cause I’m a zephyr on the inside/ And it’s a hard ride when you feel yourself tied down / Hide-and-earth bound / But there’s no tether, on a zephyr."

Thanks for all the sweet and encouraging comments. It's wonderful to hear from you, and to read your inspiring messages! Blessings to all of you as you make your way up that hill!

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