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May 11, 2010


I love you!! I have the same arms and belly, and I'm not yet 40. I'm not so thrilled with this part of the process, but I'm realizing that it's okay to set aside the "radiant golden tresses of my youth" for the platinum crown that's weaving its way into my hair. There ARE things that are more important; yarn is among them. Perhaps knitting will be the most meditative way to enter into life 5.0--keep us posted.

What a wonderful post! I love those bodily descriptions, as I'm approaching 5.0 this was a great way to sum up what I was trying to think. What is my life now, where am I going, am I making a difference? Will the world allow me to make a difference?

Lisa as I look 60 squintingly but straight on, I feel the crumbling, the decay, the flickering of the mind too. But I rage against it - still not feeling like I have done what I came to earth to do. I'm not graceful at all. I'm still trying to grasp at what I can still get - while the joints and ears and eyes all betray you, the will burns brightly for I am not yet who I intend to be.

From the great Dylan Thomas:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I turn 40 this summer. The milestone scared me, so I am raging with all I have! :-) There is nothing like a challenge both to keep one young (and padd more gray hair and wrinkles): I started a Ph.D. program this year. It has been gratifying to realize that my mind is as agile as my much-younger classmates. Use it or lose it! EAch of us has so much to lose, and so much to use. Maybe I am myopic in being optimistic, but I am excited to enter the middle phase of life--it's a time to retool dreams and face new challenges.

I loved this post! I just started Life 4.0 & it does feel different. Just bought reading glasses & feel oh, so different than 3.0!
I love the depth of so many women who have passed the "natural" mid-point in life. The aches, wrinkles, and aging may not be stopped, but life can still be beyond beautiful, esp. with your perspective of embracing life. I love it.

Great post! Am I the only one who missed my 'prime'? I didn't even notice - I guess it was great. Now I have age spots and crows feet and many areas of my body that feel like bread dough. But I am happy with myself - especially if I'm wearing a good bra, good make up and lycra under my skirt.

I was doing push-ups this morning. PUSH-ups!!! And my teenage son was wincing at the cracking of my joints. I was rejoicing that I could DO them. I am not resigned to decay--just willing to live with changes. I also rejoice in the fact that my spiritual self is still in its infancy--that as long as I'm continuing my quest to progress, there need be NO decay there. I like plowing through my decades like a toddler plows through discovery--I should be more graceful; but isn't discovery at ANY age exciting and worth embracing? LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Really.

Thanks for writing such an honest and insightful post. It has inspired me to embrace my body at any age and to enjoy the pesky gray hair that comes with it.

What a pleasure to read all of these great comments - it's a good reminder to me that the mind and soul do burn with hope and energy that barely slakes as the body changes. But perhaps also that's because the hopes change - they deepen and lose some of their breadth. Thanks all for keeping the struggle and triumph fresh in our minds!

Great post - my thoughts are that my body may be 42 this year i still feel and act younger. Have taken up boxing (great to hit something all girls should do this) and when i run i sound like a person who should be locked away from children. i have decide that as long as the clothes keep fitting then we must be doing something right. hope spelling is correct put the glasses down in a safe spot and am trying to remember where the safe spot is again.

Thank you, Lisa, for an honest, poignant, funny and thought-provoking treatise on how you are dealing with the aging process. You got me thinking about how aging is affecting my goals, dreams and priorities, which I'd never considered before. The lines on my face and little sags elsewhere are a drag, but there are lots of pluses about growing older too. And I figure anything written in type so tiny I need longer arms to read it is not worth my time anyway. Great blog post!

When I look at you, Whitney, I honestly can't wait to be 47! You look great, are amazingly wise and have made an awesome life for yourself--I hope I can say the same in 10 years! Thanks for making me have something to look forward to!

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