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June 08, 2010


There were a few men who didn't like Whitney's post (which I thought was very good). Ouch! In the meantime, I am sure a lot of women over at HBS are cheering. I left a comment countering "Ross". Others might want to do the same--keep it thoughtful. Women typically are expected to take the high road--and it's a good thing to do!

First time, I have logged on and read Whitney's blog. A good friend recommended and on the whole, insightful and different from the usual stuff out here.

As for this post, I concur with Whitney's observation, I see it all the time in the heady world of finance - men are slapping each other on the back and sharing their wins. Women on the other hand keep it more private and wait for others to comment on their success. Even, then there is an unstated, I could do it better sentiment.

I wish more mother's would actively support their daughter's to speak up...though, that said when a woman shares her success, "she is showing off". Sadly, I came to the conclusion, women just can't win until there are more women in senior positions.

SR: is it soley the mother's role to actively support her daughter to speak up? I get that a mother's modeling has huge benefits for her daughter to speak up and out but I also think that fathers can and should and must also teach them (as well as their sons) how to speak up.

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