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July 29, 2010


Thanks for writing about us! I am Alexa, LearnVest's founder and would love any and all feedback about how we can really help women tackle their money!

Wow - thanks Whitney. I can't wait to check it out.

I liked how easy it was to read and how each step was simply explained. I'll definitely be back. I didn't think I'd appreciate the gender difference, but I did.

At the risk of being a wet blanket, I confess that I am an investing skeptic right now. Frankly, my husband and I would have done better with the mattress approach, and this is with the benefit of some very expensive and sophisticated investment advice (which included purchasing Lehmann bonds four months before they went bankrupt). We have twice invested substantial amounts of money at the peak of the market, only to watch significant amounts of money melt away. Pay off your credit cards, pay off your mortgage, have a substantial amount of cash on hand, and then think about investing. My next investment project may be a triple family in a sound neighborhood. People will always need a place to live... Despite its current doldrums, real estate is typically a good inflation hedge. Inflation will become a concern in coming years, as governments deal with massive deficits and turn to inflationary policies to buy their way out of debt. Women should know where their accounts and assets are located. I am shocked by how often women are left alone, clueless about their overall financial situation.

This is exciting! What a great resource. I hope you will write more about money.

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