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July 18, 2010


You would change the world Whitney. That's what.

My movie might be entertaining, even hysterically funny. I just don't think it is Oscar material. My 'what if' would be a variation on: "what would happen if I stop letting myself be cast in B-comedies and went for action/adventure or drama?" It could be great, or disastrous. The question is how to fight type casting when you already have a pretty good gig?

Thanks for sharing Olivia's story. I'm rooting for her!

I love your idea - I can't even begin to imagine how many lives that could impact.

My what-if has just sort of begun. I've decided to start my own cooperative preschool. Just teeny tiny and with some friends at first. But it is the right time and place for my family.

You're already changing the world, Whitney, in a microcosm way now. I know I need to begin asking more questions!

Okay, so this may be a bit of a tangent, but you asked for Top of Mind/Stream of Consciouness. Here goes: Robert McKee's book "Story" is amazing. I believe the reason we tell stories is to understand ourselves better; what better reason to examine our own story. Sometimes I like to imagine how "I", the hero of my own story, overcomes the odds and fears before me to achieve the great and noble purpose for which I am striving. I find this to be a very difficult exercise. I think it's hard to see ourselves as heroes, even in a literary sense, let alone a "real" sense.

John Steinbeck, when he accepted the Pultizer Prize, said "only the human heart in conflict with itself [is] worth writing about". I think, if we're all honest with ourselves, we will acknowledge that we have at least a little conflict in our hearts. Not animosity toward others, but perhaps just a gap between what we hope for and what we have, or what we wished we did and what we actually did.

I suppose that's why most stories, whether comedy or tragedy, are about redemption. How can we redeem ourselves and help otherse redeem themselves? Because that's what we all need. I think that is the resolution that comes after the climax/crucible of any story.

So I guess I want to tell stories :)

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