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August 15, 2010


Interesting that there's an actual study about this. It just goes to show that the wisdom of the ages is correct--we all need friends. Do you suppose the power is in the communicating of your needs, or in understanding that someone else has needs, or simply in giving voice to your ideas?

It shows how key collaboration is to our success. And shows how deliberate of a process it should be. We don't have to wait for bosses or circumstances to put us together with the with our partners for success, we can create opportunities by deliberate contact.

Ahh, space and distance.

My son has been on a 2 year mission for our church. So long and so far. I carry a notebook around with me and every time I have a moment I write to him. Share thoughts and feelings in bits and pieces, about the happenings of our home life. This has helped us feel more connected, in spite of the distance.

Interesting ideas. I wonder how the advent of social networking sites that connect people who otherwise wouldn't cross paths in any way has impacted this process. I know there's no substitution for "being there", but it seems like it's got to influence things at least a little. I know I'm way more aware of what's going on with people because of Facebook and Twitter.

That said, I've been starting to gather the physical elements to begin a new pursuit--a new dream--and can say that if I hadn't done so, my idea would just be more like a daydream. But making provisions for it to come to fruition has changed it from an idea to a goal. I see the supplies there and they call to me. (Now just need the time...first day of kids back in school is a week from today--bring it!)

I'm glad to have read this post and watched Tom's video clip...good thoughts to keep in mind.

Wishing you happiness in your new home Whitney!

I hesitated to leave this post so open-ended, but now I'm really glad that I did.

You've made some really interesting comments.

Blue -- I absolutely agree with you that social media has been game-changing. There are people that I've met (via blogs and twitter) that I would never have known even existed from whom I learn and with whom there is a wonderful collegiality -- you being an example.

The mix between social media and phone or in person interaction differs slightly with long-time friends. Social media reinforces relationships, especially when complemented with an occasional phone call, but doesn't seem to be enough. It's as if social media is always building toward an in-person connection.

Separately, good luck on your upcoming project/dream. You sound really excited. I hope you will keep us all posted.

Maria -- I think your point about your son is an important one -- and important too as far as memories go. If we don't record what's happening in the moment, we may remember what happened, but we don't make meaning in the same way, and tend to forget how difficult or how wonderful something felt as we were going through it.

Dana - You are a master at being deliberate about interactions. We can all learn from you. Sometimes we have proximity, sometimes we need to find ways to create proximity -- but then do so without crowding. It would be interesting I think for us to hear how you do this.

Lisle - you caught me by surprise, taking this in an unexpected direction. I think the answer is in your rhetorical question. There is value in saying, and in being heard. Which is why we may want to be alone for awhile, but we hunger for neighbors, for connection. Is that what you meant? Or were you going somewhere else?

I'm starting to think that all the cool people move to Boston.

Does that mean you are going to move to Boston?

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