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September 27, 2010


What an honor to wake up to this today. Technology has been the vehicle for critical relationship building, sourcing of ideas, opinions and creating a collective virtual advisory board for my ideas.

My co-panelists on the above conversation were found through friends I had made on twitter. Emily and Kristina and I never actually met until about an hour before our presentation, but because of our on-line relationships, based on authenticity, we found instant chemistry and trust.

The experience also showed me that "in real life" is still just as critical, such as the hug or phone call from a friend - so the warm exchanges can be done by voice and touch. Gratitude to you. On so many levels.

Loved hearing about that side of you and your mystery life. Anything that happens outside of my home is sometimes a mystery, but your value to me and others like me will only be known later. Sometimes I too feel boring, but know at some time, when I'm able, I will be dreaming. Love you!

All of this is true, and I think Whitney (and Chrysula) have done an amazing job in using technology to create meaningful places for women to connect and come to understand their value.

Having said that, I am somewhat mystified by the blog craze. When people refer me to their blogs, I think, "I don't have time to write in my own journal. Do I really have time to read yours? Do I matter so little to you that you can't click "send" to update me on your life with an individualized e-mail?"

I worry that technology is displacing the face-to-face contact and communication that truly are the basis of community. When I have a childcare crisis, I want someone who is physically close enough to help! Nothing replaces the physical gathering of women, which I love (and technology does help facilitate this).

Good luck this week, Whitney! There is a lot to be said for being a pioneer. It isn't comfortable, but it is so incredibly valuable to everyone who comes after you. Knock 'em dead! :-)

I loved that you did more than show up - as a glad recipient of your trail blazing efforts I applaud the courage it took to show up with style

YES! Technology makes me happy too--and your blog has been the motivator behind MUCH of what has made me feel non-boring and a real contributor to whatever I devote my time and energy to. Kudos to you, Whitney, for continuing to be a trail blazer for women who aren't conferencing in person (for so many varied reasons) but dare to take that first step towards living the dream--whether via "the blog craze" or any medium that technology has so generously afforded us.

Whitney, I'm so glad you went to that conference (if it's the one I'm thinking of), because that's where I met you a few years ago. I was one of the (fewer than 10) women there, and what a blessing it was to meet you and receive your genuine arm of support as I've "dared to dream" and launch into my life as a young finance professional. Way to represent the ladies. Thank you.

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