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November 18, 2010


Wow, aren't we lucky to be your friends! I love "All Wrapped Up," given my current condition!

I wouldn't mind being the girl who gets to sport, Crouching Tiger, this winter season. Nope, wouldn't mind one bit.

Very fun. I love Cortez!

I love Shabby Apple! So difficult to chose, but I think The Last Empress would be a great timeless piece to add to my wardrobe.

This was a super tough decision, but I really liked the comfort and flow of the Athena dress.

Will whoever left the comment asking for Last Empress send me an e-mail so I know who you are!

whitney at

I did the body fit quiz, and based on that, and the options above, and also the fact that it has been about 14 years since I had a dress that I absolutely loved on me, I would have to pick the #5 on the second list...Cider...SO CUTE! Seems like everywhere I go I hear Shabby Apple, Shabby Apple, Shabby Apple these days. You are obviously doing something right, because people in all kinds of states who have nothing to do with my main social circles are onto you! Way to go! :-)

Ooh. I love Crouching Tiger. And also Five-to-Nine. And also Anchors Away. Which one is the most spit-up resistant? My first baby is due in February. Maybe I would pick Five-to-Nine for versatility.

My 2 favorites are the Shanghai and Cider. Hard to choose but I think I'll come down on the cide of Cider--I just love the orange and the ruffle at the neck.


I love Shanghai and Cider as well. Cider would be my top pick....

I absolutely love cider...beautiful! Would love to wear it. Forbidden City is a close runner up. Jayleen H.

I love the look and the name of The Traveler dress! This would be perfect as an engagement photo shoot dress :)

All so nice- but I think Mandarin Plum is my fav.

So hard to decide! But I think I could be happy wearing Anchors Away for the rest of my life. :)

Five-to-nine!!!! :-)

I <3 Shabby Apple~ My favorite is the Cider dress. Popular!

Actually, I'm thinking Anchors Away would be more fulfilling since my current condition isn't permanent!

I'd have to say Five-to-Nine is my favorite among these! I love a classy black dress.

LA NOCHE NEGRA! Thanks so much! This is awesome!

The Last Empress....FUN. Thanks!

OOhh the Mandarain Plum is to die for! Sultry!
[email protected]

I think that I like the "Anchors Away" and the "Noche Negra", They're both so pretty- its hard to choose!

I'd pick the Frida K dress.

Glacier is wonderful! How did I miss that?

Dresses are tricky. I could make a long list why. But given the body fit quiz, Cider would be ideal. The colour would be pretty fantastic too.

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