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January 01, 2011


I love this. So glad you are doing it, and I can't wait to see the rest of the grateful posts. And I love that you formally named the family as advisers.

Before I forget, I always LOVE how you wear your hair! Looking at your family picture reminded me... You're a presentation of beauty whenever I see you.

This is a lovely post--a great goal! I'm trying to make gratitude an ingrained and natural response in my life as well. There's an article in this month's Ensign magazine entitled "The Grapefruit Syndrome" by Lola B. Walters that reminds us to focus on feeling gratitude rather than on the faults of those around us... life is sweeter when we do!

Happy 2011~

You're so wise to focus on "what is" - I haven't thought of examining gratitude from this place before. I doubt there is a better way to cultivate it to a degree that is sustainable - one that undergirds your daily living. Thanks for this Whitney. Also love your family photo and the imagery of you simply "being" together.

I do plan to contact you in the future! Working on a few writing projects I need to offload before I email you. Love to you and yours this New Year!

i end each blog post with three things i'm grateful for. sometimes they are very random and have nothing to do with what i've written about, but it makes me happy to close each post with gratitude.

Gratitude is as essential as air to a happy life.


Whitney you look awesome! Your cradled family around you are capable advisors. I just know that when I am not grateful, discontentment and selfishness govern my thoughts and heart. B's paternal grandmother made a regular habit of writing down her blessings. It was her way of taking stock of what she was grateful to have. I am grateful for the belief I have that there is a purpose for our life. That what we do and say and are does matter. That there are very few coincidences and plenty of tender mercies.

Beautiful family! Thank you for another great idea. I will join you in writing down what I'm grateful for the next month!

Beautiful picture! Are those coming in the mail? I love that you named them. I love that you're being grateful. It's a purifying thing to do when you're going through trials. Recover well.

My resolution this year, if you will, is not to resolve. I am a planner. Hyper vigilant. Type A personality. So my goal is to let things "BE" more. I think of it as similar to feeling grateful for what I have, rather than constantly trying to plan for what will be, or worse...what might be. So here is to resolving...and not...but being grateful all along the way.

What a great photo of you guys! And I think your idea to chronicle your gratitude is brilliant. Looking forward to it!

Chronicling gratitude is a great idea and one I may borrow for my own blog. It's true — whatever we focus on expands.

I'm loving this resolution! Just over a year ago I did a little "gratitude" research and came across a professor at UC Davis who actually teaches a gratitude college course. His research is fascinating to me.
It seems like the writing down of why you are grateful for x,y,z... makes the feelings more concrete and clear. I'm feeling inspired to do this same on my blog. I'll start on my bday this month ("41" sounds like it needs a boost:)).

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