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January 10, 2011



Food, clothing, shelter. It's a good reminder not to take for granted the things that people in other parts of the world live without.

ps. LOVE the print!

We're so grateful for the warm roof over our head. Never have had to do without. What a blessing.

I find it interesting that even though I don't often mention it when praying with my family, I have 2 children who thank the Lord for our warm home every time they pray. I wonder every time what they've been thinking that day, and I listen to hear it from them.

Yes. So grateful.

I'm loving that print too! I just spent a little time on Etsy looking at her art. Beautiful.

At night we turn off the heat, because the dry air in Colorado combined with the blowing heat makes it hard for my son to sleep. Usually, it's about 62 degress when I wake at 6 am. Today, because it's -4 degrees outside, the house was at 57. Brrr. Flick. With one simple switch I turned on my heat.

It's amazing how with the good fortune of shelter, any of us can take on God-like power over our own environment. It can leave you speechless sometimes. What have I done to deserve this amazing privledge when others struggle so and do not have it? It is indeed humbling. So, yes, I am extremely grateful for warmth and shelter...and cozy blankets.

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