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January 12, 2011


your list of likes about winter is longer than mine! ;-)

I love this series, Whitney. I forwarded the HBR article about Thanks for doing your job to my company's leadership. I thought it was excellent.

For the past year I've been trying to embrace whatever comes...and that includes winter. Primary tactic has been to not complain about it, but I think I need to take it to the next level and give thanks for things. I do love it when the trees are frosted in that unique way they get after some storms. So pretty. And it does feel more Christmassy than my years growing up at the beach. I think having proper gear to enjoy the outdoors makes it more bearable. Not having good footwear or a good coat makes it hard to be out comfortably. Winter isn't my favorite, but it's definitely easier to appreciate the glorious days in the other seasons because of it. So that's good, too!

As someone who spent 21 years without snow in Australia, the winter is interesting to me. I don't dread nearly as much as my Michigan native friends.

I have to say the "snowed in" kind of days are my favourite as well. That feeling that there's no-one and nothing out there except snow. It's a cool feeling.

My husband is a Californian at heart, and has a hard time with long winters as well. I relish in feeling warm and secure, but I know your pain because of my husband. Good equipment is key! And a warm car ;-)

Winter is hard for me--definitely brings on Seasonal Affective Disorder. My idea of the ideal winter is to spend it in Hawaii. Yesterday my husband dragged me and our four children out to make a snowman. It was a blast, and the snowman is fabulous! Perfect snow--wet and heavy. I am grateful that he overcame my inertia and grumbling.

I love snow days! I like to sit inside and watch the snow fall and people snowblowing and shoveling. I even like to shovel sometimes (not this storm, though). I love the feeling that there's nothing outside my home so important that I have to leave my family to do it. It's good to kick back and relax.
And you know, this particular storm was lovely, because there was a beautiful sunny day both before and after. Nice contrast, that.

Our quiescent period here can and often expands to six months. We laugh that we have snow every month of the year in some part of this province. It does get old though around April when others are seeing tulips pop up. We appreciate winter clothing, the joys of snowshoeing and winter skating.

I'm sad I missed this the first time around!
A lovely post.
It's so refreshing to feel grateful; especially when you might not be inclined to feel grateful.
Thanks, Whitney!

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