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January 07, 2011


I love turning my brain off...

That's so funny Whitney, some of those are my favorites as well! I would add in the Law & Order shows for me...i like them for precisely the same reason--to rest my brain, but also to engage in problems that solve themselves within 45 minutes with (mostly) toward-the-happy endings. I notice that most of your list includes shows that have at least one strong woman. I do wonder what happened to Drop Dead Diva...i liked taht show as well!

I go through phases. Right now I like to read to turn off my brain. My parents like the closer.

I really like Psych, especially the random '80s references. The rest of the shows are on my "want to watch" list. Thank heavens for hulu.

Commercials do not rest my brain. They seldom entertain or motivate me to purchase their products. I am a big fan of netflix and DVD TV. We are watching Rumpole of the Bailey, Faulty Towers (brilliant), House (that guy just annoys the heck out of me) and Heroes though the first episode of Season Three dampened our enthusiasm. And NBA basketball is about as good as it gets.

I love Castle and White Collar. I am grateful for a DVR so that I can watch them at my convenience, and fast forward through the commercials.

I often feel guilty for watching television, as I'm sure there are a lot of more productive ways I could be spending that time. Knowing that someone as smart, capable, and productive as you also indulges makes me feel a bit better. Hopefully now I can just enjoy that down time instead of letting the guilt creep in. And I also love White Collar. And Psych was a new find for me this year - it became the show to watch while nursing.

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