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January 08, 2011


I went to my first TOFW last year and loved it. I'll have to check to see if you're playing near me in the near future!

I'll have to think about my skill, but I know yours, Whitney. Your ability to make music so much more than what's written is amazing. It appears that you do that without realizing that you're doing it(even in primary). I love to hear you play. And when you combine with Macy, that's straight-up, capital M Magic. The two of you are amazing together, because you read each other so well and become one instrument together. It brings me to tears every time.

Whitney - what a wonderful word - wonderworking. Whenever we are joined together in an activity that gets us in motion together our emotions are heightened methinks... playing music together, eating, walk/talking, making sand castles or more permanent projects where no one's the mast expert or we each have complementary bits of expertise.... group glue.... much better than sitting still and not in the same place together.

Perhaps the new normal meaning of "high touch/high tech" is the wondrous capacity to meet kindred spirits via online or mobile - some of whom we may not have clicked with if we'd first met in person + gathering together in person to share the moments as we only can when we can see, hear and touch each other....

it will be great to meet you in person one day
... looking forward to reading your book, Dare to Dream

Count me as grateful for your piano skills as well. You're such a delight to work with for so many reasons, and I miss seeing you more often! Can't wait for February!

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