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January 31, 2011


2 weeks ago my DH and I went to California for a quick 2-day get-away during his vacation week...after which he flew home while I flew to Boston for work...which included flying right back to CA where I had a 24 hour layover.

The first 2 days we were there we saw some familiar spots, but when I went back on my layover, I rented a car and drove around all my old haunts (without worrying about boring my DH). The house I lived in till I left home, my old schools and friend's homes. I was especially happy to be able to attend church in the ward I grew up in.

You are absolutely right that there is something about where we first imprint on this planet. I moved to CA when I was 4 months old, and lived in the same house (or garage, as the case may be) till I left home for college. So it is all I remember.

And though many of my childhood memories are painful, in recent years I have worked through a lot of that pain, and it was very sweet to return to that place with a different perspective.

The best parts were seeing some of the people who knew me all my life at church, and also a heart-warming reunion with my angel 5th grade teacher who was the first person I knew honestly cared about me. She made such a tremendous difference in my sad little existence, and even though 30 years have passed and she's had thousands of students since that year, she clearly remembered me and I was able to thank her and share how she blessed my life.

Now I like the place I grew up far more than I did while I was growing up. It has changed so much, but like you said, parts are still the same somehow.

Grateful for those sweet experiences that week!

I'm living back in the town I grew up in. It's odd...good memories and those I would like to forget but oddly enough there is a pull to the comfort and community I experienced living in the same neighborhood my whole life. Something about the ugly memories fade when I remember all the childhood fun like climbing trees, riding bikes and eating icecream on a hot summer day under the big shade tree in our front yard. I love how if we look, community is provided where ever we go but yes, there is something about finding our way back home that is grounding.
Miss reading your blog. Good to be back for a visit!

I didn't know you were born in Madrid! I totally agree about hometown genes. That's why I'm trying hard to come back ;-)

I finally went to Spain last fall. It was a trip I had wanted to take for many, many years, as this is where all my ancestors came from.

I was very surprised by how "at home" I felt. I had never felt that anywhere else. It was truly magical.

No matter where I live, I will always love my humble hometown of Logansport, Indiana. Every time I go back, I feel grounded and am reminded of the importance of family, friends, and genuine kindness.

Home is a good reminder of one of the main reasons I chose to follow my dream of becoming a stylist—to connect with people. From my hometown, I have made lasting connections with good people that have profoundly influenced my life for the good.

Loved this post, Whitney! Thanks!

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