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February 08, 2011


Short, concise, sweet, wonderful, inspiring and thought provoking. I love it!

For me, there is one phrase that I look to, one way of living that I strive for, when making most other decisions:

Live courageously.

It does not define WHAT decisions I make, but it does define HOW I make them, or how I pursue them. Sometimes I am surprised by what I realize is the most courageous choice: it is frequently not the biggest, most obvious, nor easiest one. It is often a realization that unfolds, and there are times my path needs correction because I have lost touch with this overarching goal, or because the choice that looked courageous at the start winds up not being so.
Sometimes following this path is the most difficult choice of all...

So true Michelle!

Sometimes the most courageous choice isn't the obvious, seemingly bold one.

Thanks for the reminder.

I was so surprised to read you don't know what you want to be doing in five years. Yet you accomplish so much! It gives me hope.

Having the courage the "kill" options that we know aren't right for us and move forward, trusting that we'll get there. That's what I got from this. So perfectly pertinent to my life this very second. Thanks again for a little burst of mid-day inspiration!

Isn't it more fun to not know what you'll be doing in 5 years? I think the unknown is wonderful -- it's lovely to think of all the possibilities out there, and then it's even more fun to pick and choose among the options that assemble as possibilities become more concrete. I always think it's interesting and telling to see what I pick, it helps me learn more about myself.

I love making decisions, I think it's the best form of self-discovery and self-expression.

Elizabeth and Blaire -

I appreciated both of your perspectives. It conjures up visions of a jungle explorer, forging a path -- and puts a very positive light on this process.

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