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February 27, 2011


Great, great lesson for everyone, Whitney. I'm going to bring these thoughts up at the family dinner table.

this is going to form the basis for our FHE tomorrow. thanks for the links and idea!

I'm laughing as I read the comments, because my family is the place where I feel the least in control. The kids are all big enough to make their own decisions, and that can be seriously crazy-making. But if I don't show up, who'll make sure they're not completely self-destructive?

Thanks for your post Whitney. I received a very upsetting email this week as well and have been trying to process it in a constructive manner. It can be so difficult, especially when communication is via email because it does not allow understanding or communication from both parties. So thanks for your reminder of being in action, so as to not fall into the trap of victimhood.

Good for you, Whitney! Nice to know you're human :) And yes, I believe we are agentic. I wouldn't know any other way to be.

I act. All to often. Mostly react these days. Wish it weren't so. I am more frequently and easily vexed by such simple petty things. I've pondered a cure. Chocolate and binge eating and excessive exercising and tantrums are not working.

How wonderful! I had a similar experience this week, and though I wanted to hide or run, I rose to the ocation and solved the problem. I "sent" a lot of love to myself and the others involved, and that helped.

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