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March 27, 2011


I have thoroughly enjoyed your grateful series. I'm grateful you're my distant friend. Appreciate the support you've given me on facebook. I'd like to know when you're doing Ted. You'll do wonderful.You know how to improvise because of your interviews you do as well. You're such a hero of mine!

Ditto to Amy's comment!

I never learned an instrument or anything else that required that kind of focus and commitment, perhaps that is why it is so difficult to do so now.

I think there is always another chance, so I'm getting to learn this lesson now. A publisher is interested in taking a further look at my book, requested a complete table of contents I didn't have (I have since learned most people create an outline first-I didn't) so I had to really focus to get organized and put it together. It felt great, after it was completed, to see how much I had done maped out and organized.

Thank you Whitney, for all you have taught me in so many ways.

I agree with you fully. One of the main benefits I feel comes from learning an instrument is the discipline required to learn an instrument.

Also, I love the phrase, 'recovering perfectionist.' Amen.

Way to go, Whitney! Where can we see/hear the speech? As a fellow pianist, I'm grateful everyday I can speak another language like music. I've found that learning music has helped me think and communicate in less literal ways. As my mother always told me, it's only 5% what you say, and 95% how you say it.

Plus I think anytime we can learn a skill in one area and apply it to another, we've built a very important bridge, or maybe a canal is a better comparison. The Panama Canal is powerful because it connects two vast oceans.

Congrats again! Thanks for sharing your gratitude.


Thanks for the post, Whitney. As always, you've uplifted me.

Right now I'm training for a big running relay and also for the LSAT, and I think I'm still in the "would rather be in the library with one or two guys" stage, or whatever the equivalent would be in my current stage of life. But having the faith that the hard practice will pay off in the future--and give me confidence in the present--makes it worth it.

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