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April 22, 2011


I love this--especially the way you are tailoring your "supplementing" to each child. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to strike a balance between encouraging their interests and stretching them into new areas they may not be so keen about.

Great, great, great article. These thoughts are exactly what have been occupying me as I start thinking about the education of my 2 year old. I worry about school taking away her love for learning.

I've also wondered about starting a small school. I'd love to hear about your experiment if it happens.

Great post, Becky! I like the idea of doing the ice pop stand and using it as an opportunity to teach about many and varied subjects.

Excellent post.

Two thoughts: First, we have always "shadow" educated our children. They do a separate math curriculum at home (A Beka books, if anyone is interested), and we have a plethora of children's books on history, biography, and science. Music, sports, museum outings, and travel are part of that shadow education, too.

Second, happy children learn well. We have sent three of our four children to a local Catholic school. It's academically very solid but not necessarily outstanding. However, the orderly classrooms and expectations of good behavior create a safe environment where our childen have been happy, and they have learned a lot. Tuition is $5,000 per child, not nothing but certainly not the $30,000 "elite" private schools charge.

I think the ultimate solution is a voucher system that puts power in parents' hands and forces schools to compete. I am not holding my breath that we will shake up teachers' unions any time soon. When your length of service, not the quality of your service, determines your pay level and job security, that is obviously not a system that puts children and learning first.

An inspiring post.

Great article Becky! Let me know when you start that school.

Thanks for this! My husband and I spent three hours at dinner with friends this weekend discussing how we could improve our kids' education. So this has definitely been on my mind. Frankly, we are a little bit stymied. But, I'm going to take a page from your book and start small. I'd also love to hear a follow-up on introducing kids to areas of learning that they aren't necessarily drawn to, or initially adept at.

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