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May 14, 2011


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I felt the sadness of the lives that were lost.
Which chair will we take? I am not waiting for the "perfect" chair....I am rolling along in my chair. Yet, I think my chair has wings and I need to fly lower. Where will my chair take me?
This is the adventure in the journey.

Empty chairs as metaphor for lives that were lost.... powerful image.

One reason we don't always take our chair is a sense of overwhelm when considering the responsibilities that goes with it. Are ready to make the necessary sacrifices? Another reason might be fear of failure, concern that we're not competent enough to handle all the tasks associated with the chair.

Thanks for starting the conversation.

I've always wanted to go there. I appreciate your sharing this experience. And discussion. You think things I wish I knew how because I know I would be better.

I felt that way the first time I visited the Arlington National Cemetery.
Sometimes I don't feel like I've earned my chair, and don't want to sit in it until I've worked harder to get there.

Moving piece. Thank you for writing and reminding us of things we fail to keep in mind.


come sit... lovely... :)

Josh and I just returned from France where we visited an exhibit at Versailles. It was an exhibition of 50 thrones from around the world. Some were from Thailand, Egypt, Russia, South America, and Rome. Some very ornate and fancy, others plain even primitive. The introduction to the exhibit made a distinction between the power and authority that they represented. I came home looking at the chairs in my house and remembering the chairs in my childhood home. I grew up with a Harvard chair where we would receive father's blessings, a 'phone stool' where my mother sat doing church calls, and my own rocking chairs where I nursed my babies.

This post is lovely, complementing beautifully my recent experience.

I have really enjoyed all of your comments! Thank you SO much!

Wonderful post. Thank you for taking us there.

I think sometimes I like the chair I'm on so much that I'm hesitant to try another.

What great thoughts to give us pause about "the chairs" in our lives! I can't believe I didn't get there while we were in Oklahoma City. I am still amazed at your amazing gift of music that you shared with us as you accompanied Macy. You were simply incredible!

OH, Whitney. I LOVE this so much.
I love that you loved OKC and that Memorial as much as I did the first time I went.
But, I love even more this analogy.
And you are right...NOT hyperbole.

This seriously is beautiful.
Thanks for the teaching moment.

Sometimes I worry that my comfortable chair will appear ugly to others. Having said that, I find that a lot of the chairs that look comfortable really aren't, and I remember being humongously pregnant and not wanting to sit on anything that resembled comfortable, because I couldn't get back out again...

Interesting to take a moment and think about how I'm viewing my life. Thanks!

This reminds me of a poem I once read, I can't remember by whom, but it talks about how Christ wants for their to be no empty chairs in heaven when all is said and done. With the statue of christ with his back turned made me imagine the grief he must feel when one of the chairs reamains empty. The pain must be unbearable for him and he has to turn away.
I pray we can be more aware of the chairs we choose to place oursleves. And strive to fill the chairs that wrap us in the comfort and the peace that the savior brings.

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