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May 08, 2011



very brave, did GREAT!

Good for you! What a honor to speak at TED. You were great!!! Good message for anyone making a change in life.

Huge risk and huge reward!!!
Love it - talk about Daring to Dream...
Atta Girl Whitney!

You reach higher, more often and with more determination than anyone else I know. Well done. And thanks for being the example.

Finally had time to watch this. I found it compelling and fascinating and want to hear more. I've just realized that the majority of people around me are not disrupting. It makes me shy, as if there's an unspoken rule that 'we do not disrupt.' Probably the perfect time to start. Thanks Whitney for inspiring me as usual! (And I want to hear more about your story some time..)

i love reading your words - here and elsewhere. this video was a treat to see you and hear your voice!

great message. applicable and 'disruptive' to us all. thank you!

Great content and very well done! I really enjoyed the video. Love your jacket, too!

This both thrills me and pains me just a little...and you know the reasons why on both counts.

I had NO DOUBT this was in your future from the very first lunch at Red Iguana. I just didn't know your future would be quite so big and far-reaching.

You were born for this, Whitney.
If you haven't accepted that yet, you must do it now. "Claim your chair" and keep speaking about this thing you feel so passionately about...and that you were born to do.

I'm just so proud of you.

Great presentation! I love your focus, and the fact that you have really concrete examples and numbers that back you up. You did a wonderful job. And the jacket is beautiful on you!

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