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June 23, 2011


I love this idea of determining who would be on your advisory board. I'm not quite up for the thought-experiment right now, but it's on my list of to do's.

Great post, Whitney. I especially like the quote from Thomas Carlyle. That's true: Who we admire is indicative of what we want to become. (I actually keep a list of people I admire on my website. It makes me feel good and helps me ask, "If _____ were in this situation, what would they do?" I think that's a great exercise.) And thanks for "How to Build a Non-Profit Board." Solid advice.

Wow - what a great question! My advisory board would include:

1) You! I feel privileged for just 5 minutes of your one-on-one advice, so I having you as an integral part of the input process for my business would be a dream.

2) Stephanie Soper (who wrote a post for Dare to Dream about 2 years ago). She possesses an unparalleled gift for emotional and spiritual insight, an essential factor in what makes my work "go."

3) Tiffany Smith and Ben Driggs. My first employers and former owners of Potomac Tutors. Tiffany has a mind like a steel trap and she can get me to "woman up" like no one else. Ben's ability to see an issue from all sides always contributes to wise decision-making.

4) My friend Cheryl. She is the best sounding board. She frequently says after my long rants, "Here's what I'm hearing." Her reflecting back my "self" helps me take a step back, reflect, and move forward in a clearer, more powerful direction.

5) Howard Gardner. Harvard professor and "father" of the the theory of multiple intelligences. I would want him on my board to advise about ways to reach my students and employees in ways that work best for them, maximize their gifts, etc.

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