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July 17, 2011


So interesting! And I was chuckling to my self the whole way through reading it thinking of how much you must have loved reading this! Especially in light of your Optimist Challenge. *grin*

I vow to stress no more. Didn't know it could be so detrimental to my dreams.

Interesting piece. I especially enjoy the phrase "brainpowered learning and leading". I am always fascinated by the concept of luck vs hard work/determination when it comes to accomplishments. It is great to get a scientific approach to understanding how our intentions and actions do indeed have such an impact on us moving closer to our 'dreams'.

Marvelous post Dr Weber! I was aware of the science, but had not made these connections. I want to read this a few more times.

Thanks Whitney, for bringing us more light, once again!

Fascinating stuff! I knew we could rewire our neural pathways, but I didn't know that it happened literally every night. How encouraging that we can transform ourselves in such a powerful, immediate and consistent way. It also makes me wonder how many dreams wither away simply because we are too stressed and sleep-deprived to nourish them. The ways we live and work seem, in many ways, to shut down our capacities for dreaming, in a far more physical way than I initially realized. Just imagine what we could do if we shifted our focus away from the minutiae demanded by "productivity" and dared to explore new possibilities and dreams instead!

I discovered your blog last week and have been simultaneously inspired by/obsessed with the questions you've posted and observations you've made. Just thought I'd let you know! An open notebook beside me currently reads: 1. What are my dreams? 2. What holds me back from my dreams? 3. Who am I? 4. Optimist challenge/ happiness project. Thanks for these fabulous thought exercises!

Thanks Whitney and all - what a wonderful discussion about brains and dreams. You rock! I have one last question though.


Would you take the risks to lift the latch? What would you expect to see on the other side? Worth the risk?

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