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August 22, 2011


I've seen this several times and I'm really looking forward to this book. My kids are already gone from home, but I have grandchildren who also need this. Thanks for a really good writeup.

I just found your blog today. And I pre ordered the book also. I shared on my facebook account about the book and the giveaway! Can't wait to read it.


This is a huge problem in Hong Kong where I live, too. We see 12 year old kids who don't know how to bathe themselves or eat food with bones.

In Hong Kong, like many parts of Asia, we have affordable live in help, and my DH (domestic helper) told me just last week she met another DH whose new employer told her to put on her 12 year old son's socks and shoes for him, every day. Can you imagine what kind of adults these kids are going to grow up to be?

We won't be around forever for our kids, the best gift we can give them is to help them be able to do it for themselves - from a healthy self identity knowing we will always love them no matter what, the confidence to 'try, try again', to the actual skills to survive and thrive.

(And thank you for reading my blog post, and tweeting it too! You have certainly helped me to 'dare to dream'.)

Congratulations to Steve Laverty and Glen Cathey for winning copies of The Entitlement Trap!

And thank you to all of the rest of you for getting the word out! -- and for helping each of to have a little more courage to raise our kids well!

A bottle feeding culture teaches instant gratification from the first feed. Breastfed Babes have to work in order to get Mamas Milk to let down...

Since Most Mothers in America do not make the sacrifices necessary to breastfeed past the culturally accepted three months, our current entitled mindset is directly correlated to the "throw away" culture of plastic bottles and plastic diapers.

Get babies back on the breast until they are two and we can turn this thing around in a generation.

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