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September 24, 2011


I love what you've highlighted here. My lightbulb moment for this happened in a Process Workshop with Dr. Schuitevoerder. He said that when someone else is bothering you - a disturber - their way of being has a message for you. I've found that concept pops up over and over again in other bodies of work (e.g. non violent communication etc). When I find I'm irritated by someone, I try to identify what it is that is rubbing me the wrong way and see where that is true for me (an unclaimed part of myself). What a journey!

I believe this is true but what bugs me in others really is so distasteful I don't even want to contemplate that I might possess a good portion of that myself.

Sigh. So true. I don't like seeing me in my children, because the negative qualities can scream it all!

You are exactly right. And I am terrible at this! However, while reading this I thought of one thing in particular that I can fix (and hopefully my kids will fix it too). I won't let it stand in between me and my dream anymore!

P.S. We L.O.V.E. The Closer and we totally laughed at the scene you mentioned!

My biggest fear is that someone might someday tell what they don't like about my child, and it'll be one of those awful things they inherited from me. In fact, I still have a fair amount of guilt when I go to parent-teacher conferences, because I know exactly why my children's study habits are the way they are. Ugh.

Amazing how your own weakness in another's body will drive you absolutely crazy, isn't it? I suppose that's one thing that helps us "keep it real."

Thank you for so bravely sharing this. Great reminder to us all.

Love this! I complained about my kids taking my pens all my life with children at home. Now that they're gone...I still can't find my pens. Yikes! All those false accusations!

I'm so impressed with you, that's right as parents we need them to guide and show things what is right and how to do some things in the most proper way.

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