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September 01, 2011


They are no more my creatures than the flowers or mountains or oceans are mine. As I fell in love with him, he taught me how to love, how to make safe space for his dreams and share mine as gifts rather than wielding them as weapons.

Sublimely beautiful, Kristine. This is an ongoing unfolding, of which I need frequent reminding, in my journey of motherhood.

Kristine, this was beautiful. School year beginnings always tug at my heart, for this very reason: "my delight in the unfolding of my children’s personalities is shadowed by the sometimes desperate wish for them to stop, to please, please wait for me, to keep holding my hand, to let me come with them."

"But sometimes, on clear days when love burns off the mist of my expectations, I catch glimpses of his horizons, more beautiful than I could have dreamed." Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

So beautiful! Thank you.

You have beautifully and artistically illustrated that most difficult balance to find as a parent. Thank you!

I'm just starting this parenting journey myself. Thanks for your words.

I cannot believe that Peter is heading to HS - where has the time gone...
This was a beautiful portrait of the past decade...

This was so beautifully written Kristine and you gave words to powerful feeling. Thank you for sharing.

I was touched by this - the mix of sorrow and pleasure in parenting, and the place where dreams of parent and child are in conflict but also in parallel. I'd never thought about it quite like this before. Beautiful, thank you.


Very touching, very beautifully written. The first time I experienced a truly agonizing separation from my baby was a few months ago

I'll add my voice to the chorus of "Beautiful!" Thank you for sharing.

Exactly what I needed today as I sent my two "big kids" off to school for their first full day. I felt that "desperate wish for them to stop, to please, please wait for me, to keep holding my hand, to let me come with them" as they passed through the doors into the wide world.

Thank you for sharing such open, real thoughts.

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