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November 20, 2011


I'm crazy about Pinterest!

Addicting that Pinterest! Love it. Great for dreaming, yes. I haven't thought about pinning positive affirming sayings like this...or a board about my dreams...will get on it. I wonder about mind mapping or spider mapping for our dreams? I don't know much about it, but wondering if anyone knows of anything out there on the web to visually show a map for our dream chasing. Or can this community create one?

Pinterest is highly addictive. There is a typography board curated by Kristin Holt that often has some great quotes that deal with dreams or other inspirational sayings. Do you have a link to your boards?

I don't have a Pinterest account yet. I'm on it. I'll let you know. Do each of you have an account -- Ellen, Dana and Cara?

I'll definitely look up Kristin Hold -- and Dana, I love the idea of visually showing a map for our dream chasing....

Still looking for your interest account Whitney. I am on Pinterest and sent you an invitation. Once you are on pinterest you never need another magazine subscription...unless you actually "read" magazines. Virtual clipping is the best! I think you need to start dream boards on pinterest...or make a whole other community for pinning/mapping dreams.

Dana -

I did try to sign up for Pinterest and I didn't hear back. Will you resend me this invitation?

I really love your idea about dream boards on Pinterest...

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