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November 01, 2011


Wow. While I hate to pick favorites, this post is (so far) my favorite post ever written on Dare to Dream. So much time guidance for me.

I regularly struggle with doubt in the course of running my business. Rather than embrace this feeling in a healthy way, I shove it down. What inevitably happens, however, is that because I'm not dealing with it, I start to freak out as the doubt simmers and festers below the surface. Reminding myself that "Every moment of doubt holds a lesson, a chance to gain a little more clarity, a little more insight into the forces that inspire us and the fears that hold us back" will help me move forward.

Like Whitney, my favorite line was, "The human spirit withers in the face of absolute certainty and soars in the face of uncertain aspiration." I don't know why this statement is true, but it IS. I'm going to think about this idea for the next few days and post again!

I am going to print off this post and put in on my fridge...

"Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith." What a great quote! Whatever I do, I would LIKE to do it deliberately, and that probably isn't possible without recognizing and considering doubts. I'd never put it in those terms before--thanks for crystallizing my thoughts.

What a great post! I have re read this paragraph several times.

"But when we treat doubt as a threat, when we shut it down the moment it appears, we are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to learn. I realize how counterintuitive this sounds, but opening ourselves to doubt can actually help us on our dreaming journey if we let it. The idea feels uncomfortable only because we are misunderstanding the nature of doubt itself."

I need to ponder this. Thank you.

Loved this post! Many times I interpret doubts or fears as indicators that I'm on the wrong path rather than as lessons about my own tendency to hold myself back. This made me think about that "wild and tender place between knowing and not knowing" and appreciate it for the fertile soil it is for my ideas. Thank you.

What a genius post! I'm currently living in the wild, tender place between knowing and not knowing in quite a few areas of my life... the doubt creeps in and I wonder what I'm doing wrong... now I know to embrace it and look for the lessons. Thank you!!

Paul Tillich was a very wise man in many ways - this quote is just one of them. Doubt is the way we grow, we learn, we explore, we discover - it is a powerful motivator to press on - something I try to teach my kids - if you doubt, go learn more, think it through, realize perhaps you don't have all the answers (and can't) - so leverage doubt and, as my father has told me over and over as well, don't just doubt what's before you, also doubt your doubts....

I am so LOVING your comments -- thanks Robin for inspiring so much thought.

Everyone, thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments. I'm honored and inspired that you have brought so many of your own wonderful insights to this post. Again, thank you.

What a beautiful post! Thank you for inspiring me.

Great post, I loved the way you've articulated your thoughts.
My favorite: Embracing doubt isn't the same as succumbing to it.

You had me at "embracing doubt isn’t the same thing as succumbing to it"! Love the share and here's to new beginnings. Good luck with your journey Robin

"We must dwell there, in this wild, tender place between knowing and not knowing." I thought this was poignant. Your post provoked thought. There's an element of suffering when doubt is in the picture, but maybe...maybe that struggle is also what makes us happiest. I guess I wouldn't want to be perpetually certain. Maybe doubt and happiness can co-exist. Interesting ideas...thanks so much for this.

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