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December 26, 2011



I love your idea and your follow through. I love beautiful correspondence, so I'm grateful for your efforts to make it easy and accessible. What a great looking app. I can't wait to use it.

Like you, I've found that cliches mean opportunity. I also used to curse and struggle with technology. I feel good about making use of those things. I feel good, as you seem to, about going through the learning process and doing something professionally that used to seem foreign.

Yes, what Professor Bhide is true. I've found that as well. It's a very calming message. To me, it means this - just get started and allow the trajectory to happen.

Thanks so much for a great post! I look forward to some beautiful correspondence - thanks to you!


downloading the app now! great to know the inspiring back-story. Thank you!

Just downloaded the app - bravo! Glad to know about this.


I love how you married strengthening social relationships with the creative use of technology! VERY cool idea! And I loved taking the journey with you while reading about how your busines evolved! I couldn't help but relate to seeing how we sometimes end up embracing the things we fought the most.

As a musician, I loathed keyboard synthesizers for years. How fake! It's not like real musicians making real music with real instruments! day I was in a music store pretending I was in the market for a grand piano I couldn't afford. In the midst of making "is this truly the tone I'm looking for?" facial expressions to ward off eye contact with the salesperson, I noticed that this fine instrument included a RECORD/PLAYBACK device!

I experienced an epiphany when I played back the tune I had played live. The sound was every bit as REAL and the option of being able to add to the original recording with a new recording left me reeling with the endless possibilties that technology I had seen as creatively limiting could offer.


Thank you, Whitney, for providing such an inspiring space to tell this story. And thank you, everyone else, for reading + commenting. I love hearing your stories!


this is literally my favorite app. so glad you shared this fabulous story.

Android! Android!

What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing!

Bravo! Not only is Erin's story inspiring, she is focused, smart, resourceful and a pleasure to work with.

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