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December 10, 2011


Were you speaking at the fundraiser in Houston that Glenn Beck attended? I just heard about this the day before you mentioned it. It's a fantastic solution. I'm sad this man has passed away.

Oh Whitney i am so happy you did decide to write about this experience, the revolutionary work of the foundation and the five wise insights you drew from the evening

Thank you for sharing. Tears came to my eyes. The dreams people have to help others is a manifestation of the most beautiful and tender kind of dreams. A wonderful story to read on this sabbath day.

When my mom had cancer and I went with her for her treatments I mostly held it together until I walked by the children. I totally lost it and had to run to the bathroom and just cry, hoping no one would come in and see me. Those kids, some babies, had no understanding of what was happening to them. And their eyes were just as he described -- bewildered and lifeless. And the parents of those kids endured another kind of pain. I felt outrage and wondered why can't anyone do something for this awful hurt. I can see why this motivated Mr. Kanzius.

That. is. COOL! I sincerely hope he's successful.

Amy --

Not in Houston, but in New York.

Dana -- I had no idea, thank you for sharing your experience.

Kare --
Thank you!

Lisle - I DO TOO!

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