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December 02, 2011


Great article. Tara didn't get to be a fighter pilot. Should she have? Absolutely. Sometimes timing and opportunity don't come good. But there's the fighting spirit of Tara: the 'what next'? Good for her. And I'm sure most of us are a good deal more impressed thatn she is about the fact she can pilot a C130 too! Good luck and well done for holding the aim of having fun and helping people as a part of making money.

Tara, I am so impressed with all you accomplished having graduated with the first class of women allowed to fly fighters. Wow! Good luck with you next adventure.

SO inspiring. I am sure you will do more great things in the future! Thanks for sharing your story.

Tara - You go, girl!! It's telling that your question was "How?" I love that--it means that there will be no giving up. That's one of the best indicators that you will succeed! And you're definitely on the right path, since your goals are ordered Fun, Helping, then Money. Priorities are sometimes hard to get right.

I am thrilled with the motivational comments! I was a little nervous opening up this much as it does go against years of my training but it feels good, too.

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