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December 08, 2011


Thanks for sharing the struggle of juggling your life. Part-time genealogy works! It sounds like you are content and as your children get older juggling gets easier. American women have many items on their plate, and genealogy makes you happy! Your dream is unfolding as time moves on and your family evolves. You have two strong purposes in life - success!

"it's my painting." I love that, what a powerful reminder that the dream is MINE!

There's nothing that cements a dream like having to constantly carve out time for it. It's so often that struggle that makes us realize how much we actually love what we do. Thanks for sharing!

Oh man there is so much I love in this post - thanks for getting it all down. I love the "because I have to" summary and I think as long as you're doing some you're doing the right thing. that "some" will ebb and flow with the times and seasons and you won't have any regrets.

I think you can pursue your dreams without neglecting your responsibilities. Congrats on the way your integrating it all and enjoy the painting of it!

I think that pursuing a dream is a responsibility!

Thanks all for the encouragement - and if you have discovered the silver bullet for juggling well, I'd love to hear it! Elise, I had never thought about the positive aspects of dreaming with limited time, but I think you're right. Many thanks!

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