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January 07, 2012


Amelia & Whitney - 1 of the last few lines hit me - so many choices we don't make a choice. Sometimes I think we do have too many choices - it can be paralyzing. There are times I yearn for the simplicity of previous decades when it was all clear - but most of the time I relish the mess of choices. But the flip side is too much 'greatness' - I know a very very talented man in his 40's who is truly gifted in so many areas that it's paralyzed him - he's never been able to focus on 1 of the talents and also gives up if he can't be perfect at them all - he's paralyzed by an innate overload of choices.

Go dream - go try them - whatever you learn along the way you can use for the next one and next one - no matter how they turn out - just pursuing a dream is a tremendous accomplishment!

"...I’m interested in too many diverse things for them to guide me". "No one is going to tell me what I can accomplish and lay it all at my feet." I can relate.

I have been wondering what my next dream is...but not too much. For a little while I'm just enjoying "being"and the joy of accomplished dreams.

Keeping a daily journal is one of the best ways for me to balance what Maria describes as "enjoying being," while identifying and pursuing my dreams. This habit forces me to take regular inventory of my blessings and challenges (which are sometimes blessings in disguise), and helps me be accountable for goals I set when I write and later re-read my entries. In other words, this documents the things that "make me tick" and provides comfort. Amelia, I can tell you are a smart, talented woman, and I can't wait to hear about the results of your "dream dating." Good luck!

I'm Katrina, Amelia's sister. I too mourn the loss of my ballet career. I actually had a dream last night that I was at a ballet dance class and the teachers came and wanted me to be in a recital. Not the prima ballerina or antything, but still. Practice on Mon Wed and Fri from 4:30 to 5:30 for 12 weeks....then I went and asked my husband if I could do it and he said no (in my dream) because I had to be with the children while he went to play soccer and attend his chuch meetings. C'est La Vie.

We are looking forward to reading your posts. As a career changer myself (I am on my fourth), I have found being a parent and attending school takes more time then when I was not a parent. So be patient with yourself and the will unfold when your passions come to your surface/awareness. As mothers we put part of ourselves aside for a while, then we have to reach into our brain and really think/plan (with expected interruptions. Good Luck with your transition, we are excited to hear about your journey.
Thanks for sharing your zig zag journey!

Absolutely loved this post! Made me laugh and feel determined, the perfect pick-me-up. I hope you post back on what you decide to do. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for all your comments! I feel like I have my own little cheering section, which is what I would think everyone needs now and then.

Thanks for this post, Amelia. And yes, we ARE your cheering section! Motherhood is a beautiful, wonderful privilege, but that doesn't mean that the "person" inside the mom has to lie dormant. We'd love to have you write for us at The Power of Moms (

I'm not the knitting, quilting, scrap-booking kind of mom either (I'm just so bad at it, and I don't enjoy it), but there are TONS of opportunities for women to thrive as they mother. It's fun for us all to uplift each other online. The Internet is such a blessing!

Looking forward to getting to know you more in the future!

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