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January 16, 2012


Trust...and Faith. They are connected in many ways. During the darkness periods, it is very easy to see if trust was placed appropriately. As we all look back at our lives, it becomes very apparent. In fact, in many ways, it is those friends, etc. that we placed out trust into that shine brightest for us when we are individually at our darkest. On this day celebrating MLK, he as many flag bearers in this world, have always and will always, pay the ultimate price. Some would say they come unarmed to combat, but others recognize the character it takes to wield the most powerful of all weapons... They create the vision from where there was inaction, as a father plants the seeds in the ground to grow the food and flowers for his family. Courage can be defined as the flag is raised, momentum is harnessed and the seeds of change are propelled forward for the betterment of all. It takes faith to trust in yourself and those you choose to place trust in .As our humanity is able to see both, in the light and the darkness, we are better equipped to improve our world, and to see the power of trust placed appropriately. Time teaches us to hone our instincts. We learn not to question what is obvious, and to appreciate that everything is was only a matter of time.

One other point...Over extending. This for many is a burden to bare. I myself have fought this at different times for different reasons. Time is also what drives this equation for many. It is the foot on the gas pedal. Disruption is the car running out of the gas. The beauty of disruption is that it allows us to reflect in the darkness about how beautiful the light is. Currently, our world is being humbled. These periods are powerful if used wisely. The reflection we all learn in the darkness allows us to be able to more clearly see the awe inspiring power of our world. One without the other would simply be...unbalanced.

Great post! Important topics that I am sure many, including myself work on everyday.

Destiny = Faith + Vision + Trust + Action

Becoming more trustworthy by not over extending is an interesting solution. Do you think there is a difference in trustworthy and honesty? Sounds like this book resonates with you Whitney.

You have inspired me to explore how trustworthy I am.

Hhmm, something wonderful to think about. I hope I can read more about it :)

First I've had to learn to trust myself and my instincts and feelings. Then I had to learn to trust myself to respond appropriately in most situations. Mostly, I succeed! Then I began to figure out ways to learn to trust others. My dear friend Mimi told me to give people little tests and see how they do. Like, will you get back to me by Friday or asking what advice the person has on a particular problem. So I see how someone responds and then get a feel for what areas I can or cannot trust that person in. These little "tests" work well for me as I get a sense of the other person. I learn to appreciate people in certain areas where they are totally trustworthy.

I'm intrigued! I want to know more! And I'm a little concerned about where I rate...

I'm interested to know how being more trustworthy is related to trusting others more. But I do know I like myself more when I keep commitments promptly, even if it's just little things like sending a promised email.

Twittered this. I find when we trust, we open ourselves for so many more opportunities!

Congratulations Dana King! You are the winner.

And thank you Teresa, Lisle, Claudyne, Allison, Maria, Bonnie, Richard for sharing your thoughts and comments.

Whenever I get a quick e-mail saying that one of you have commented, it brightens my day!

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