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January 30, 2012


So, by not asking, we're avoiding commitment... I suppose that's a reason to get listing what I want.

Brilliant! And some of those Buddhists really know their stuff. Just sayin'.

I'm thinking Whitney's going to need a ticket to CA so she can have a Terribly Beautiful conversation with Simon Baker :)

Seriously, Whitney, Thank you for this. You were our poster child student who taught us more than we ever taught you.


Very interesting perspective on negotiating. I'm going to be chewing on this one (and sharing it)!

I had a great reminder of this while listening to a presentation over the weekend by motivation speaker, Rick Metzger.

During his presentation he asked everyone to get out a dollar and pass it down to the end of your row. Some people didn't have a dollar so they passed down a 5 or 10. When he went up and down the rows he just shook his head. He went back down to the front of the audience and said "You barely know me... why did you just give me money? (pause) You know why you gave me money... because I ASKED".

It was a brilliant reminder that when you want something, it's that simple, ASK. We make asking 10x harder than it needs to be. I do a lot of research on women in leadership and your above point is well taken. Women are wonderful at building relationships, however, the second component of asking... if we could just start getting more women on that bandwagon. WOW... watch out world... Dare. Dream. Do!

Excuse me, but if there's a party with Simon Baker I want in.

See, I've done it. I've asked. :-)

I'm so excited by what's going on with The Daily Thrive!!


What a great post. It brings to mind 2 things I've been thinking about lately ...

1) Relationships (of all kinds). When we're in them, connection and conversation are key. Sometimes, the conversations are difficult and they take the form of negotiation. This aspect of relationships has gotten easier for me since I've adopted a new approach, i.e. one of two-way information sharing, as opposed to one-way message delivery. This is the idea of the book Difficult Conversations by Stone, Patton & Heen. I'm wondering if you know it?

2) Asking and reciprocity. I find that I'm not hesitant about asking when I think abstractly about reciprocity. Abstract meaning this: instead of giving and returning to each other, what if we all did a lot of giving and sharing without wondering so much what will come of it? What if we imagined a huge store of good energy out there, that we can contribute to and draw from, without focusing so much on the flow of what comes and goes to whom?

It might be simpler then. It might guide us toward helping people without taking the time to wonder what we might get back from them, and it might keep us from wondering what someone might expect from us after they've done something for us.

Anyway, this essentially what I've been thinking about lately. Wondering what you think.

Thanks, Lisa.

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