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February 14, 2012


Very timely and helpful! Thanks.

Congratulations on your upcoming book. Whitney, you are an inspiration to me!

What a terrific post - thank you so much -

What a great primer for many of us.

As you plan (have planned?) your book tour one great bookstore to consider speaking at is Book Passage, with a store in Marin where I live and another at the Ferry bldg. in S.F. Elaine Petrocelli is a magnificent supporter of authors... see her site

another FOW (friend of Whitney)
~ Kare

Annie: What a great list. Thanks for sharing. I've read lots of writers' lists, and I haven't seen these ideas anywhere else. Well done! Thank you. Susan

I hope these ideas help you! Thanks for the kind comments. And thank you again Whitney for inviting me to post here.

Just looked up the book on Amazon. The cover is lovely and understated; the book is already in pre-order.

You make all of our dreams seem a little more do-able!

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