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February 04, 2012


AAAHHHH!! 93 days! So awesome! And I'm super proud of you and all you are doing.

Barbara Corcoran?!? Again, awesome. Good ask.

Well done, Whitney!

Love Barbara Corcoran. She's darling on Nate Berkus. I am really inspired by her voice for dreaming. How perfect you have her endorsement!

Thanks for this model. You have me thinking as I get ready to launch my Designhop website..

I "liked" it.

I am really enjoying the way you are sharing the walk to the launch (yeah I know for you it feels like a run). It creates the early awareness, that should convert once the books hit the shelves/ iStores. Good luck, I am routing for you amongst many...

All good things, Whitney!

Especially #3: The ebook on how to run a Dare/Dream/Do circle retreat. Brilliant, brilliant. The perfect extension of your book.

Your FB page is a great idea too (already "liked" it). I've never quite understood FB for business, but now I'm starting to get it :-)

Excellent post. Thanks so much for sharing!!


thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!!!

The blurb from Barbara Corcoran is fantastic - congrats! Of course I look forward to reading the book, but now you've got me excited for the e-book as well. Looking forward to the launch.

What you are doing is incredible!

And of course, forces you into areas that are new/vulnerable/daring...

Thanks for the leading the charge for all of us to follow!

Good for you!! What an amazing thing you've done, and how brave of you to include us the whole way. I'm so excited for you!

Looking forward to the observation is that you have described marketing channels, yet I am curious how you are innovating the book's business model. Where do you obtain optimal leverage from book sales?

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