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February 28, 2012


You have made a very good point about women under appreciating their talents. She overcame a huge hurdle to get hired and she is still a self doubting herself. Then she shows incredibly strength to blog! What is about society that teaches young women to be so self critical? Is this just something we find in American females? How can we coach these young ladies?!?

I love this entry. So unique. Sometimes I wish I could somehow become just a little anonymous. Maybe I would become not only more brave but also more authentic and less intimidated. Sometimes I feel like my need for "platform" narrows me into a niche that might not be consistently genuine. Still working on balancing it all.

Speaking tactfully about issues at work or in personal life is sometimes a struggle for me. There have been times that my candor has caused a sting. However, I have learned and become stronger and more sure through the experiences and sharing. I'm trying to really believe myself when I say: "If people don't like the real me, I don't need them anyway." That is oversimplifying things and certainly is harder in a career, but ultimately, strength, integrity and leadership come from (selectively) sharing who you really are.

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