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February 12, 2012


Whitney, this makes me comfortable to tell you my sequence of events this morning! A friend in New York sent me a WhatsApp message, and I was up early, so being writing day (for my Blog), I came to my desk to verify what was going on. The first tweet I saw was yours, had nothing to do with Whitney Houston, but was about Whitney G. Wilkerson's post. That really played with my mind as I only knew two Whitney's (you included) and as one passes, another one entered.

Well, I have always had a soft spot for Whitney Houston and before my regular Blog post today, I posted about her, given what talent she had and how she achieved with it.

Thanks for creating the room for me to share my "weird morning"...

I think not so much as a part of you has died, but the part that helped you accept your name is no longer needed. She was an amazing singer. I have always been saddened that she was not able to overcome those addictions, and that she was introduced to them and felt she needed them in the first place.

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